"Still I Rise" Compilation CD

Still I Rise is a compilation of songs recorded by the Shenandoah Valley Children’s Choir from the fall of 2012 through the summer of 2016. Dr. Joanne van der vat-Chromy, director of choral activities at James Madison University served as interim director from the fall of 2012 through the spring of 2014. Janet Hostetter assumed the role of artistic and executive director in the fall of 2014. Now in its twenty-fifth year, the Shenandoah Valley Children’s Choir (SVCC) of Harrisonburg, VA includes more than 140 youth in two classes, three choirs and a staff of seven. 

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  1. Cantate Domino, music by Nancy Hill Cobb // all choirs, spring 2016
  2. Shenandoah, American folk song, arr. Mark Patterson// spring 2016
  3. Yo Le Canto Todo el Dia, music by David L. Brunner // Treble & Concert Choirs, spring 2016
  4. Mein Freund ist Mein, duet from Cantata 140 by J.S. Bach, adapted for Treble Chorus by David R. White, ed. Peter Robb // spring 2016
  5. All the Pretty Little Horses, American folk song, arr. Andy Beck // spring 2014
  6. Music, Lead the Way, words by Henry Van Dyke. music & additional lyrics by Laura Farnell // all choirs, spring 2014
  7. This Little Light of Mine, traditional spiritual, arr. Ken Berg //  Preparatory Choir, spring 2013
  8. Alleluia! Sing! Rejoice!, based on “Ev’ry Joy That Wisdom Knows” from Solomon by George F. Handel, ed. & arr. Patrick M. Liebergen // Treble Choir, Christmas 2014
  9. ¡El Cielo Canta Alegria!,  words and music by Pablo Sosa, arr. Roger Bergs// Treble Choir, spring 2015
  10. The Lord God Made Them All music by Lynn Shaw Bailey & Becki Slagle Mayo; words by Cecil F. Alexander // Preparatory & Treble Choirs, spring 2015
  11. Hitori, Japanese folk song, arr. & added lyrics by Mary Donnelly & George L.O. Strid // Treble Choir, spring 2013 (live concert recording)      
  12. Going Down to Cairo, Illinois play party, arr. Douglas Beam // Michael Overman, washboard // Treble Choir, spring 2015
  13. Sonatemi un Balleto, music by Giovanni Gastoldi, ed. & arr. Patrick M. Liebergen // spring 2014
  14. Orde-e,  Madukayan folk song, arr. Maria Theresa Vizconde-Roldan// spring 2015
  15. Morning Glow, from the musical Pippin; words & music by Stephen Schwartz, arr. Eric Van Cleave // spring 2015
  16. Down in the River to Pray, traditional American song, arr. & performed by the advanced musicianship class //spring 2016    
  17. Still I Rise, words & music by Rosephanye Powell // all choirs, spring 2016