Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster artistry and excellence through musical study and performance.

We believe… singing builds community. Music enriches all areas of a child’s life. Children have tremendous capacity for aesthetic experience. They can be profoundly moved by music. All children can experience musical excellence. Quality choral singing builds individual musicianship. Children are naturally artistic and want to express themselves. Singing should be a life-long activity. Singing well builds self-esteem. Singing quality repertoire fosters musical excellence. Choral singing requires discipline and fosters commitment to the group.

We value… artistry, excellence, musical independence, discipline, potential, beauty, high expectations, commitment, joy, soaring spirits, the preciousness of each child.

We envision… a world that appreciates musical artistry and excellence; A world where all children have an opportunity to sing; A world where singing unifies community; A world where choral music is valued.